iivon is a leading manufacturer of premium quality candles at affordable prices.

At iivon, we understand the power that a candle can bring you as it lights up your home and adds a touch of magic to life’s special moments. With our high quality range of round pillar candles, square pillar candles, jar candles, cup candles (scented or unscented), we are the number one choice in excellent finish candles.

An iivon is made from either paraffin wax or 100% soy bean wax. Our scented candles use fragrant essential oils from various countries. In addition, our high standard of manufacturing ensures that our candles are non-smoking, non-tunneling and do not drip.

The iivon team of candle manufacturing professionals is 100% committed to offering you beautiful-looking, high quality and affordable candles. We are also continuously innovating and enhancing our operational processes to ensure that we are constantly at the forefront in our industry and can offer you exactly what you require.

Our meticulous quality wax, essential oils and high attention to detail, coupled with our focus on great customer service makes iivon a leader in the candle manufacturing industry.